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The sixth issue of Ephemera will examine Fashion. 

The clothing we wear changes from one day to the next, and with the ubiquity of fast fashion, styles and trends change rapidly as well. This issue will look at how fashion reflects societal shifts and changes, and how one’s attitude towards fashion can be a reflection of oneself as well as the world. We are looking for work that considers the many details of the fashion macrocosm, and our relationships to them.

Photos by Jennifer Cheng, shot for Ephemera Issue 1



A few ideas on the theme of fashion below.
Topics not listed also welcome.

Slow Fashion/Sustainability
Film & Television Depictions
Satirical Trend Forecasts

Sneaker Culture/Collections
Fashion History
Minimalism vs. Maximalism
Fashion Media
Fashion and Nostalgia

Photos by Jennifer Cheng, shot for Ephemera Issue 1



We are looking for work that offers unique and multi-faceted perspectives in the form of:

Creative Writing
Short Fiction

Ephemera aims to publish a curated collection of incisive, thought-provoking, and clever work by talented creatives. We love pieces that are well-researched and offer something for our readers to learn. It also helps if you’ve read at least one previous issue!

Please send a pitch with your idea prior to completion of work (i.e. any drafts of writing, photography, artwork) so we can ensure it fits the theme and is within the scope of the magazine. Deadline for pitches is FEBRUARY 22, MIDNIGHT.

Email with your pitch, or for more information.



Ephemera is a published work exploring topics typically seen as ephemeral. “Ephemera” refers to things that are used or enjoyed for a short time, or items that are expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.

This project is a testament to the fact that people often find meaning in what might typically be categorized as temporary or disposable. It  is an exploration of unexpected permanence (perceived or otherwise) in a world of rapid change.


Ephemera is a collection of work published biannually under Kastor & Pollux, curated, designed, and edited by Maegan Fidelino with editorial assistance from Stefan Chua. The magazine aims to explore multiple perspectives from a variety of thinkers and image makers, taking form in a softcover print publication.  It is distributed via Kastor & Pollux channels as well as independent retailers.

Kastor & Pollux is a brand designed to connect with a new media audience. Combining the services of a creative agency with an engaged audience, we elevate content through multi-channel distribution.


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